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FT7 Kit, MP7 Style Conversion for the KelTec CP33

$250.00 - $590.00
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This is an MP7 style conversion kit for the Kel-Tec CP33.  Available in as a Stock or Brace.  

Brace options maintain a length of pull of less than 13.5".  

All options include Top Cover, Lower Handguard, Extended Left/Right Side Safeties, Charging Handle, 1x +0 Magazine Base Plate.  All necessary tools and hardware are included.  

No permanent modifications to your CP33 are required to install this kit. 


Differences between models

Standard Model:

  • 1 QD Socket
  • Polymer Top Rail

Pro Model:

  • 2 QD Sockets
  • Aluminum Top Rail


  • 2 QD Sockets
  • Aluminum Top Rail
  • Integral Unity AXON Button Base
  • Integral Scout Light Base




  • Q: Is this 5.7?
    A: No, this uses the stock 22lr operating system of the CP33.

  • Q: I already have the old carbon tube brace/stock, can I use any parts from it?
    A: This is a completely new design, only your brace can be re-used.

  • Q: Can I trade in my original carbon tube brace/stock?
    A: YES, select the options you'd like and order your FT7.  When you receive it, send back your old adapter (keep your steady-brace or tailhook) with the FT7 packing slip and your original order number if you have it.  You'll be refunded $75-105 depending on when you ordered your original part.

  • Q: What suppressors can be used with this?
    A: This will accommodate suppressors up to 1.25" diameter.  We will offering a variant in the near future that accommodates larger suppressors.

  • Q: Can I convert my brace to a stock in the future?
    A: Yes, just the stock section can be purchased here

  • Q: What is the ZMOD?
    A: This option is intended for operators using night vision with laser and light. Included is an integral base for the Unity AXON dual button and another for a Scout light.  This configuration will clear all tested PEQ models.

  • Q: Is this item in stock?
    A: These are in stock!

  • Q: When will my order ship?
    A: Most orders ship the same or next day. You will be emailed a tracking number when your shipping label is created.

  • Q: What options should I pick?
    A: We recommend the polymer SteadyBrace, it is the lightest option and happens to be the least expensive. 

  • Q: Will this fit the PMR30?
    A: No, this will only fit the CP33.